[:en]Five great experiences in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle now[:]

[:en]woolly monkey (Photo Akinori K - free use)xxxxsunset jungle
Woolly Monkey(Photo: Akinori K) e Sunset atRio Juma (Foto: Stefan Aerni)

Canoeing through igaps (flooded forest) and overnights in the forest are some of the attractions offered by the jungle hotels in the region, such asJuma Amazon Lodge, during the rivers’ flooding period

Days are never the same in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil, South America. Between February and May, the region becames a unique show for tourists.The level of the river climbs up to 15 meters (about 50 feet), allowing for more areas inside the jungle to be reached by boat.

During this time, crossing the jungle in wooden canoes provides memorable experiences, such as seeing the tree tops reflected clearly on the water and watching the birds closely than in other seasons.

From the USA, American Airlines flies daily non-stop from Miami to Manaus, the entry-gate to the Amazon Jungle by five hours.

Immersed in the jungle, three hours away from Manaus by boat and land,Juma Amazon Lodgeoffers the ideal location for deeply getting to know the region’s, with amazing rides:

1- passeio de canoa a remo
Canoe ride (Photo: Juma Amazon Lodge)

Canoe – Is done on paddling canoes through theigaps(flooded forest). It’s possible to swim and watch river dolphins.

Night in the forest – After dinner, guestsspenda night in the forest, sleeping in hammocks, listening to the animals’ sounds.

Picnic – After walking throughthemany trails in the forest, the food isroastedon woodenspits over red coals.

Sumama Thesumamais a giant Amazonian tree, reaching up to130 feet (40 meters). During the ride, visitors can reach one of these trees.

Tree climbing This ride explores the Amazon’s tallest tree tops.

chale cheia juma bx
Juma Bungalow (Photo: Juma Amazon Lodge)


The hotel is by Juma River in Autazes city, Amazonas, Brazil. In a preservedforest area ofaround17,300acres, it has 21bungalows (built from wood andthatchedwithstraw) with private bathrooms and hot showers. Juma is located in ablack-wateredregion, so there are almost no mosquitoes there. It is recommended to be vaccinated for yellow fever ten daysbefore traveling.


Packages price: StartfromU$S 900 for three nights (January to May 2016, includingall meals,English speaking guides, transfer betweenthehotelandManaus and rides, except Tree Climbing). Children from 0 to 5 years old are freeof charge.

Photos/Credit:Juma Amazon Lodge
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